twist yoga studio
Heather Falkin

The lead trainer in our teacher training program, Heather became certified in 2002 to teach yoga after completing a 200 hour, eight month training course at Samadhi Yoga. Heather's classes provide a setting where students can explore the relationship between effort and ease, and by doing so cultivate harmony between the mind, body and spirit. She reminds students that their practice is a vehicle for transforming not just their bodies, but their consciousness. That change will arise if and when they allow their breath and their intuition to guide them. Heather continues to study the art of yoga by attending workshops, studying yogic texts and bringing the practice into her daily life.

Q&A with Heather

Favorite Color:
Tropical ocean blue

Favorite Animal:
The Elephant

Favorite Quote:
One I just came upon recently "Spiritual economics begins not from the assumed scarcity of matter but from the varifiable infinitude of consciousness." Eknath Eswaran

Favorite Yoga Pose:
Ardha Chandrasana

Favorite Yoga Teacher/Class of All Time:
I have many but I cherish the ones who inspire not just my physical practice but my spiritual practice as well.

Favorite Place:
The beach

Favorite Musical Instrument:
My voice

Favorite Book:
Right now it's The Upanishads.

Besides Yoga, Loves:
My family, dancing, chanting, laughing

Favorite Thing About Twist Vinyasa Yoga:
I value Jen's guidance and ability to bring together a community of passionate people who are in invested and passionate about their health and well-being. I enjoy teaching in the nurturing space, working with a variety of experianced teachers and getting to know the joyful students I' ve met so far. Most of all I am excited to have a space to celebrate the practice of yoga that is so close to home.